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WCEE Frequently Asked Questions
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WCEE Frequently Asked Questions  

What do membership dues cover?

Membership dues cover the basic operating costs of the organization. These include; publication of the WCEE newsletter, annual membership report, distribution & publicity of events, and other means of communication. Attendance at most WCEE Lunch & Learn (i.e. brown bag) events and all new member breakfast series events are provided free of charge as a privilege of membership.  

What do organizational and individual sponsor revenues cover?

Organizational and individual sponsors of WCEE provide much appreciated revenues that are used in a variety of ways to keep membership costs to a minimum. For example, sponsor funds are used to defray costs of those events provided at no charge (i.e., Lunch & Learn/brown-bag events and new member breakfasts) and those which are provided at subsidized rates (i.e., Women-in-Leadership events and professional development events.) In addition, these funds are used to defray costs of major events, such as the Legislative Roundtable, Opinion Shapers Roundtable, Annual Networking Meeting, and Woman of the Year gala as these special events are not completely covered by event fees. There are organizational sponsors who elect to sponsor a specific event, in which those sponsorships are applied directly to that event and are used to defray costs associated with that venue. This allows us to keep event fees as low as possible.  

Why do some events cost more than others?

WCEE fees are based on the costs associated with coordinating that particular event. Major events, such as the Legislative Roundtable, Annual Meeting and similar special events are professionally catered and therefore have a higher cost. Special Event sponsors are a primary way to keep the costs for WCEE members to a minimum. These events generally occur on an annual basis, and are part of the core WCEE programming. This type of program is also more structured, and often on the record, adding to the events prestige. Examples include:
*Legislative Roundtable: Key congressional staffers join members and guests for a candid look at the legislative agenda and policy trends in Congress.
*Opinion Shapers Roundtable: Members of the media and other influential personalities join WCEE to comment on current issues from new perspectives.
*Annual Networking Meeting
*Woman of the Year: This event honors a woman of recognized stature in the energy and environmental fields. We also take this opportunity to recognize members of WCEE who help make the organization a success.  

What is a WCEE Women-in-Leadership (WIL) Series?

The WCEE Women-in-Leadership Series is a special privilege of membership.  It is the opportunity to meet in an "off the record" small group setting with leaders in the public and private sectors.  WIL speakers have included: 

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen
, D-New Hampshire
Hilda Gay Legg, Administrator, Rural Utilities Service, USDA
Carmen Citron, Judith Dowd, Bobbie McCartney, Administrative Law Judges, US FERC
Lois Schiffer, Assistant Attorney General, US Department of Justice
Vicky A. Bailey, Commissioner, US FERC
Linda Breathitt, Commissioner, US FERC
Catherine Abbott, CEO and President, Columbia Gas Transportation
Carol Browner, Administrator, USEPA
Kathryn Fuller, President & CEO, World Wildlife Fund
Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska
Suedeen Kelly, Commissioner, US FERC
Marianne L. Horinko, Executive Director, Global Environment Technology Foundation
Ann Klee, Office of the General Counsel, USEPA  

The environment is informal and highly interactive. Past discussions have centered on how this individual came to find herself in this "leadership" position, the role of networking, mentoring and being mentored, as well as the challenges of achieving work-life balance in the respective field.        

What is a WCEE Lunch & Learn (i.e. brown-bag) event?

The Lunch & Learn Section organize events for members on current topics, generally including a panel of guest speakers. Topic areas include air, energy, international, natural and cultural resource preservation, pollution prevention, RCRA/solid waste, Superfund and water issues. These Lunch & Learn events are generally for information and background purposes, and attending press can use but not attribute the information to a particular speaker. This provides for a more candid exchange of views for our members benefit. Formal presentations by panelists follow a short networking session. Attendees are encouraged to introduce themselves to others and use the event as an opportunity to initiate new contacts. The moderator generally asks each attendee to introduce him/herself in a quick round before the program begins in order to give attendees the opportunity to introduce themselves to the panelists. Please come prepared to give a short (less than one minute) biography of yourself and your current interests. Format: Each attendee brings his/her own lunch. Drinks and snacks may be provided. Non-member guests are welcome for an attendance fee of $20. While WCEE members often times are not charged a fee to attend these brown bag lunches, there may be a fee on occasion.  

May I bring a colleague with me to an event?

You are welcome to bring colleagues with you to open events. Their attendance will be accommodated at the non-member rate. Any event limited to members only will be so designated in the events promotional material or posted online in the event description. For more information on upcoming events, click here.                    

I can't make an event; may I send a coworker in my place?

If you have already RSVP'd to an event and cannot attend you may send one coworker in your place who will be admitted at the member rate.   I'm not a member; may I come to events? You are welcomed and encouraged to attend any open WCEE event. Your attendance will be accommodated at the non-member rate. Any event limited to members only will be so designated in the events promotional material or posted online in the event description. For more information on upcoming events, click here.  

How do I get more involved?

There are a number of ways to get involved. One of the best ways is to host or contribute to a Lunch & Learn event. Contact the Executive Director by phone or email if you have an idea or a topic you would like WCEE to cover. Board member contact information can be found on the website by clicking the "Board of Directors" button. If you or your organization is interested in hosting an event, contact the Executive Director.   

What does it mean to get more involved?

Introduce yourself to others at events and meet members who have interests similar to yours.  Call the Executive Director or any board members with a suggestion for an event or pass along information about a speaker you feel is of particular interest to WCEE and WCEE members.  Attend a monthly board meeting or volunteer to host an event at your organization. Submit an article to the newsletter committee and get published! By getting to know the organization and utilizing the networking platform created for WCEE members, getting involved will come naturally.

The rewards of membership accrue quickly if you reach out for them.   The Women's Council on Energy and the Environment (WCEE) fosters the personal and professional growth and leadership abilities of its members, focusing on women, energy and the environment. WCEE is a nonpartisan group that was founded in 1981 to provide educational and networking opportunities for Washington-area professionals in the energy and environmental fields. 2018 marks WCEE's 37th  anniversary of strengthening the energy and environment connection through leadership support, professional development and networking opportunities.  

An important part of this mission is to encourage women to be leaders in these professions. Our activities provide great opportunities for our members to grow professionally. In other words, WCEE is an organization committed to supporting you.   Our programs provide access to information, ideas, decision-makers and leaders in an open forum and supportive environment. We encourage your personal involvement and dialogue of energy and environmental topics that are of interest to our membership base.   Your network is only as good as you work it! WCEE membership is the platform to provide opportunities for involvement.

Some of the member benefits include:  
*Networking: Use each WCEE event as an opportunity not only to learn from the speakers, but to make your own contacts in the community.
*Mentoring: Get to know other members of WCEE. There are many great professionals in the group you can learn from and many who would be happy to have the opportunity to learn from you!
*Information: Find out the latest topics and issues with regards to the energy and environment field in Washington area by getting to know the people who are making things happen every day.  

How do I become a WCEE member?

The WCEE membership fee is a small investment with high returns. Annual membership rates range from $50 for students to $150 for professionals. The benefits include invitations to all Lunch & Learn events, meetings, the Woman in Leadership series, social events, and inclusion in the WCEE Membership Directory. As a member you will receive the WCEE newsletter containing information on upcoming events, member profiles, and career opportunities.

Membership begins by reviewing the membership page of the website. Click here.  

The WCEE membership fee is a small investment with high returns. Don't let your membership lapse. 2018 marks WCEE's 37th year anniversary! Be a part of WCEE history and continue to strengthen our energy and environment network.  

How do I utilize my network and meet other WCEE members?

Get involved! WCEE hosts 2 to 3 events per month and meeting other WCEE members is easy. Besides becoming a member or hosting/attending an event, the WCEE monthly happy hour event is one of the best ways to get to know others in the WCEE network. The WCEE Happy Hour generally occurs towards the end of the month. Locations change each month and members are encouraged to attend this informal, social gathering. The bottom line is to stay active in WCEE and your network will follow.

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